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I was introduced to Taekwondo at the age of 17, it was over 30 years ago. Because of my work I had the opportunity to train in different Martial Arts schools in some countries. When I met Master Jay Kim, I was impressed with the passion he has for the sport. He is highly skilled, has a natural charisma and knows how to teach children, with a special touch, as well as adults, making them feel comfortable, without emotional pressure. Master Kim and his wife have created a family-friendly school. I have completed over 100 classes in 11 months and I am looking forward to the years to come.

- Aroldo Martins, Ph.D.

I have been studying martial arts for almost 3 years.  Master Jay Kim has unique enthusiasm and extensive knowledge on Martial Arts (MA). He "simplifies" each technique he teaches and shows you the practicality--not just form.  All of our students are greatly impressed by his style of education and always look forward to our next class.  Great work outs and always something new.  He also stresses safety which is very important for us who are over 40. Before starting MA, I wasn't very athletic and definately had higher stress levels, now I am proud to say that am in much better shape than ever and cut significantly stress.  Am also a Bodan belt (Jr Black Belt)preparing for my Black Belt test soon.  I highly recommend you consider this school for both adults and children.

- George L.

My child was struggling in school. He has ADHD and has difficulty focusing or sitting still. After beginning classes at Power Martial Arts, I am amazed at the changes I'm seeing in him: improvements in concentration, possessing the ability to meditate and sit still, and increase in confidence! I am looking forward to see him progress in this program and am very grateful for everything so far. Thank you Master Jay!

- Yun K.

I never thought that at my age of 50, I will be in a better shape and be flexible and feel like 30 years old. After joining Power Martial Arts, under Master Jay, I learned a lot of things not only about Taekwondo or Hapkido but also the basics of living a healthy lifestyle.
Master Jay is very energetic, very approachable and down to earth and very funny too. He always adds something to make things easier to learn. He is an epitome of a great martial art teacher. I cannot ask for more.
I am really excited to take my black belt promotion this May and looking forward to stay with Master Jay as long as my body allows it.

- Ron P.